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Vintage Shortalls
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Mom Utility Overalls
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As a style, overalls have throwback charm, with their origins going back decades. This design has utilitarian origins, and actually got its start as a workwear garment for men spending their days in fields and mines. Over time, they became popular with women, thanks to their functional design, comfortable feel and unique look. By the 1960s, denim overalls became a style statement piece, worn by just about everyone. However, they got a serious surge in popularity with 1980s hip-hop style and streetwear, and 1990s grunge. Since then, overalls have reached a new level of popularity, and continue to stay loved. Once a novelty, this look has gone completely mainstream, and we love it just as much as we did in the beginning.

If you love jumpsuits, you’ll love overalls for their versatility and ease. This one-piece wonder makes putting together an outfit simpler than ever. You just have to choose a top, perhaps add another layer if needed, and find the right shoes to complete the look. These all depend on your personal style, and also the environment and occasion you’re dressing for. You can dress your denim overalls up or down, with just about anything you’ve already got in your closet.

For casual looks, a colorful tee (long-sleeved or short-sleeved) really pops under denim overalls. Pair with sneakers or even sandals to round out the laid-back vibe. This style works great for festivals; if you’re spending the day dashing between stages to see your favorite bands, you’ll look great in overalls and a fun tank or cropped shirt. Roll the cuffs to show off your shoes, add a sling bag or crossbody, and you’re the picture of individual, carefree style.

Overalls also work as a style statement in the office. When it’s colder, wear a fitted turtleneck or crew sweater under them, for a classic look with sophistication. You can also wear a top made of lace, or a flowing blouse – even though overalls have a look of their own, they go with almost anything. And yes – you can wear heels with overalls. In fact, we love this look, and think it’s perfect for our skinny overalls, which feature a fitted silhouette.

If you can’t find overalls in the color or size you’re looking for, check out our denim jumpsuits. Levi’s® makes them in a few different styles and washes. With pieces like these, you’re dressed and ready to go in a step – one and done. Garments like denim jumpsuits and denim overalls truly make outfitting a cinch, and combine classic style with time-tested functionality.

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