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  • 517™

The Levi's® 517™ Bootcut jeans are the go-to jean for men who like to wear boots and jeans that cover them. Our men’s bootcut jeans are cut to sit at the waist and slim through the thigh. They have an authentic bootcut leg opening just like the original that we created back in 1969. They're durable, comfortable and have always looked good. Like all of our jeans, we make Levi's® 517™ Bootcut Jeans to last for years to come. Make sure you look out for jeans with the Watersustainable production. Using less water doesn't change the quality of the jean, but it does help out our environment.

Bootcut jeans aren't just for men who like rodeos and wear cowboy boots or gritty construction workers. The Levi's® 517™ jeans are made for anyone who wants a more relaxed fit and have enough room to go over their favorite pair of boots, be them cowboy, steel-toe or desert boots. The relaxed feel allows for the freedom of movement, providing maximum comfort in every step.

You don't have to wear big boots, or boots at all for that matter, to wear our men’s bootcut jeans. They are making a comeback, and now, more than ever, men are wearing them just for their comfort and style. The 517™ jeans have a roomier feel that is perfect for those looking for a baggy jean. Baggy doesn't necessarily mean ill-fitting, just order your appropriate waist and length size, and you'll have a perfect fitting jean that has the baggy look you're trying to achieve. With dadcore and normcore, these jeans have become one of our most versatile and utilized jeans.

The Levi's® 517™ Bootcut jeans for men are just one of many great jeans to have for a lifetime. The more you wear it, the more it will show and become your own. Jeans look great broken in, and over time will start to develop a natural patina adding to their overall look and feel.

If you like the flared out leg opening of the Levi's® 517™ Bootcut jeans, but want a more slim fit throughout, check out a pair of Levi's® 527™ Slim Bootcut jeans. Instead of widening from the knee to the ankle, the Levi's® 527™ is slimmed down for a more modern look and feel.