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Levi’s® has been the leader in producing high-quality jeans for over 100 years, and bootcut jeans have been a staple since the very beginning. Available in a range of colors from light blue to dark blue, and featuring a subtle flare, our men’s bootcut jeans look good paired with everything from casual sneakers to dressier shoes. The style possibilities are endless, and bootcut jeans work regardless of the occasion.

Levi’s® bootcut jeans are durable and designed to last, because they were originally created with workwear in mind. Made from 100% non-stretch cotton, these jeans were made to endure the test of time. Rather than outgrowing them, they’re guaranteed to grow with you. They allow you to work hard and play hard -- ensuring that they keep their shape no matter the task at hand. This means more comfort and flexibility for you, and a pair of jeans that move with you through it all.

Our first pair of men’s bootcut jeans were made in 1969. Dubbed the “original jean”, this style was initially designed to fit over boots, but has since evolved into a fashion staple in its own right. Now, Levi’s® men’s bootcut jeans are available in two bestselling styles -- 517™ Boot Cut Jeans and 527™ Slim Boot Cut Jeans. Featuring similar silhouettes, these two styles allow you to select just the right amount of stretch and slim for you.

You can throw on light wash pair for everyday wear, or opt for a pair of dark wash jeans for a laid-back night out. And -- if you don’t feel like switching it up, black bootcut jeans make for the perfect uniform that you can always rely on, day or night. Wear your bootcut jeans with a graphic tee or a crisp button-up or button-down for office-ready style.